Charles J. Neff (President – MedServ International, Inc.)


Year 2015:

You and the team are doing an excellent job managing our fixes and change requests. I cannot stress to you enough how much this effects the moral of my staff as we get this ready to launch. I am impressed with how you are embracing our change requests. Knowing you can find a solution to a logical problem allows us some additional free thinking to address our customers’ needs. Being able to drill down into the captured data is a testament to the database design.

Dr. Muhammad Arif Head of Department (Medical Oncology & Hematology)


I ask TRZ Technologies to develop an application which could tract the patient history and the treatment provided to them. I was amazed to see the application developed without much of my interaction. The team worked dedicated and provided me the application as per the decided schedule. The application is fulfilling my current needs and I am quite satisfied with the output. I would recommend this company as they are good both in development and their customer service is outstanding.

Charles J. Neff (Vice President – MedServ International, Inc.)


Year 2014:

Having worked with the companies principles several years ago I decided to come back to them for a new mission critical vertical integration project. The professionalism and attention to detail has resulted in TRZ Technologies meeting of all project milestones on time with very high quality deliverable. The team takes feedback seriously and works with the client to assure complete satisfaction. TRZ Technologies is highly recommended for your programming needs.